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But was this one created or did it evolve from another?
Anybody seen a response from Woz?
You mean a real troll like this:
I always chuckle when I hear people talk about how "revolutionary" Google is or how much "brain power" they have working there, when in fact Google is nothing more than an advertising company. You would think they could find a better use for all of their "brain power".
How old are you? I get the feeling that your version of the "evolution of the tech industry" begins with Twitter.
Provide some credible information to substantiate that and I might agree.
Okay Mr. Smartypants, please remind us who Apple copied the GUI concept from...
PowerBook G4 (15-inch 1.67/1.5 GHz) ("PowerBook5,6") with 1 cores, running at 1.50 gHz. Frontside bus: 166.40 mHz Installed memory: 1.00 GB 200,000,000 factorials will be calculated by creating 1 threads. Thread # 1 created. Waiting for threads to finish... Thread # 1: 200,000,000 factorials calculated in 44.098306 seconds at 4,535,322 factorials per second.
Ah, the "Eastern District of Texas" strikes again.
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