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Sounds like some device that could be incorporated  into Bill's "World Toilet". I understand his child's toilet already may use the "BOB" operating system. 
Do u want a copy of switcher? I may have it on some of my 800 or so disks.
Great Guy, I'll should send him a $2 bill for his birthday. 
It appears from the posts I have read "Instant" is NOT anywhere near the speed of light !
"digital wallet"........ Shoot, my wife gave me that as a nickname 10 years ago when I started to do electronic transfers to her account from my bank account. 
Now I understand why us super-senior retiree's don't get a subsidized smart phone! We won't live long enough for them to turn a profit.
  ....compete-with-apple-in-every-market..... except those where one has to "think different".
I entered "Microsoft BOB interface" into Google Image Search. Guess what! The graphic shown in the article popped up on page 4. 
I doubled-clicked the box with "next" in it and the screen froze.  ????????
New Posts  All Forums: