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Well at least now there is one government body that actually got something right.
Yes, I did. But I love it. Next!
I think the answer in the near future will be somewhere between what you and SolipsismX have liked and disliked about the current interface. Always hard to please everyone, but you both bring up points that should be considered for any future modifications.I do like the icons over the menus, but part of that has to do with the simplicity, or difficulty, of navigating with the Apple Remote. Lot's of "oh &^%^&" moments if you are even remotely visually or physically...
So tell me, how did that "game" work out for you in 2008 and early 2009?
You could probably use that fan right about now?
Well, if the shoe fits?
I don't know why, but your comments sent me back to the 1970's and disco. Memories of late night bar scenes full of young professionals, thinking they were discussing important topics whilst drunk, stoned, or both.
"Alex, I'll take Root Canals for $1,800"
Your post brought back a fond memory of a visit to one of Apple's Top Secret development areas in the old Valley Green area in the late 1980's. Imagine. Vault-like room, complete with a bulky guard or two at the door, with all kinds of prototypical hardware being tested. My favorite? The Multiprocessor G3 or G4 tower built inside of a Samsung dorm sized refrigerator, designed to keep the whole system properly cooled. Wait a minute! Samsung? I may be on to something...
If you are speaking about the possibility of the new iPad blowing up, then please do not hold your breath.If you mean will this new "information" possibly launch a HeaterGate witch hunt, then you are already too late. Just scroll through some of the comments here. The farce is strong in these Apple Haters, yes it is.
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