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You forgot to mention that it's snappier and all the debug code has been removed.
I bet it'll be a 10K iMac later this year, designed to create 8K output? Or would a 9K iMac suffice?
Isn't that the point though? The way the system is set up right now subscribers are subsidizing an industry that churns out massive amounts of garbage and endlessly reruns the same material. Without the forced subsidization quite a few channels would go away. I think it would expecting too much for channels to actually show relevant material but it would be nice to have less "Lady Hoggers" style material.
So you didn't feel like giving it a bend to see if it really was metal?
 The dome was actually the reality distortion field created by such a massive concentration of Surface devices.
I'd rather listen to several points of view and then make a decision based on the presented evidence. As stated in several earlier posts in this discussion one of the big problems these days is how much information is being left out of the news in order to skew it in a particular direction. We're not talking about the talking heads like Rachel Maddow or Bill O'Reilly. I'm referring to the folks that are suppose to be presenting the "where, when, and how" news. That sort...
I find it tiresome when elitists rail on about "Faux News", as though their somehow any different than any of the other news sources available in the USA. This isn't a right vs left sort of thing as far as I'm concerned. The state of news reporting in the USA is awful. ALL the channels bias the news in order to put forth a particular message either overtly or as an earlier poster said by what they don't say. All the news sources mentioned above, like Fox News, are run by...
Maybe Apple is hoping that Samsung will steal the idea and use it in some upcoming products?
The "single-digit share" strategy has worked well for Apple in the past, so why wouldn't Microsoft try to copy it?
  Kind of like the people who openly wondered if Intel would force Apple to put those hideous "Intel Inside" stickers on their laptops when Apple made the switch from PPC to Intel processors. 
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