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I doubt you'll see that sort of pricing, especially with the current drop in the value of the pound vis-a-vis the dollar. I've been making beer money the past couple of years by bringing a Mac Mini or MacBook with me on my trips to the UK and selling them to people I know in Birmingham. Typically I'm making about £50-£60 per system and I'm still beating the prices you're listing. But I'm strictly a low-volume sort of seller AND I'm dealing with people I know already. I...
Just like the number of Vista licenses being sold is rising?
That was my first thought as well. Judging from how often I inadvertently touch the screen on my iPhone-with unintended consequences-I don't think I'd be interested in using the touch screen on a laptop/tablet to do any serious typing. (Others I know have the same problem and accept it as part of the iPhone experience.)
You obviously don't talk to as many people as I do regarding technology. There are a fair number of reasonably smart people out in the world who think that Blu-Ray is a type of sunglasses, not the up-and-coming next generation of optical media. I have no doubt that the some of the savvy people here could and would use it if they had it on their computer, but the majority of people won't for the foreseeable future.
No, just old enough to have been through a few of these "must have" technologies that are obsolete within a few years.
I know as much as any of you know about upcoming products, which is next to nothing. Not high enough on the digital food chain. What I've been telling people the past 2 months is that they should hold off based on the comments made back in July by Apple execs regarding the "product transition". My opinion, for what it's worth, is that they're probably going to make the transition over to all LED-based LCDs, product redesigns similar to some of the mockups being floated...
I am a service provider. As with most things, being careful and taking it slow the first time is important. I'd say the only thing which would stop most people are the special tools needed to remove the glass plate on the front of the screen. Apple recommends you use suction cups, anti-lint gloves and a silicon roller when working with the glass cover. (The roller is used to remove lint from the inside surface of the glass before you put it back on the computer. If you...
Not true. The aluminum iMac have done away with all the sticky foil that the plastic iMacs used to shield the internal components. That makes the newer systems MUCH easier to work on than the old ones. Taking the front bezel off is also easier on the new iMacs. Replacing parts like a power supply on the new systems is a LOT easier than replacing the power supply on the old systems if for no other reason that you don't have to remove the logic board to reach the power...
My mini is a workhorse and my only regret about it is that it's only a 1.42 Ghz G4 system. I'll probably keep it until it dies. It's a good system and it's really cool when I pack it away in it's mini carrying case to take on trips. Unlike my 20" iMac, which is luggable but not cool.
Most people want Blu-Ray because it's the flavor of the day, not because they have any real use for it.
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