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My mini is a workhorse and my only regret about it is that it's only a 1.42 Ghz G4 system. I'll probably keep it until it dies. It's a good system and it's really cool when I pack it away in it's mini carrying case to take on trips. Unlike my 20" iMac, which is luggable but not cool.
Most people want Blu-Ray because it's the flavor of the day, not because they have any real use for it.
I've worked on several of the aluminum iMacs and I don't think they're hard to work on. Certainly not as hard as a 12" Powerbook, for example, or the old iBooks. Less than 10 minutes to take one apart and most of the important parts are accessed easily.
I think there's a rather large market out there for LimeWire on the iPhone, don't you?
It's on my mind a lot because every night, after I fall asleep, Hillary Clinton is sneaking into my bedroom and whispering into my ear that I should be afraid, VERY AFRAID, of what will happen if Mike Huckabee is elected president.
I'm afraid this war isn't anything close to WW II. The USA isn't deploying 14 million soldiers and running armament factories 24X7 to turn out enough planes, tanks and bullets. It's one of the reasons why the anti-war protests and sentiment hasn't really gained any traction nationally. It hasn't affected enough people enough to really get them mad enough to do something about it.
I don't particularly believe the report-there could be several reasons why they could be cutting back on orders from particular suppliers. But the share price of Apple stock has been wildly overinflated the past year or so and is finally coming back down to earth. Not a bad thing at all unless you're one of the people who bought in at $190 thinking it was going to go to $250 after this years MacWorld Keynote. Even a blind squirrel would have sense enough to skip that...
Several people posting here have remarked about the "assets" Yahoo has. Even Steve Jobs mentioned them in his motivational speech last fall. I don't think that Jobs & Co would have any trouble taking over and reshaping Yahoo if they really wanted to do it. When Jobs came back to Apple it was in a similar position-some good assets but getting it's rear kicked by the competition due to lack of focus. Look at how quickly Jobs cut things at Apple like the Newton, OpenDoc,...
How about rather than ordering on the way to the shop you walk into a restaurant, take a seat, whip out your iPhone/iPod Touch and get the menu with today's specials. You place your order via your handheld and the only time you need a human is when they carry your food or drink to the table. Oh, and you pay your bill at the end via your handheld.
I didn't get the feeling it was going to be as big of a launch as it was in the USA. I had my iPhone when I was in the UK and I thought I would elicit more questions and comments from people when I was out and about since I used the phone to take notes and pictures. (I'm not wealthy enough to try roaming with my US iPhone!) The only person who actually seemed interested in it was a man I met outside the Regent St. Apple store the last night I was in town. He expressed a...
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