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$500 for 32GB? I don't think so. I'll take an 8 GB. All I want is the internet and mail.
It crashed in the middle of the video. I personally think that it is real but I don't think they convinced many people because it crashed just like a hacked one would. The software upgrades are very cool though.
Hey I was thinking about getting an iPhone but I'm going to buy one when the new one comes out in March. So I need an alternative for a few months. So I want to buy an iPod Touch. I've looked on eBay but I thought I should ask someone here first if they have a new/lightly used iPod Touch. If anyone does please post a reply. Thank You!
Ok, so the other day I downloaded this software so I can stream my itunes music from my Mac to my Xbox 360. It told me to move my files into a folder and name it iTunes Music. I already had a folder named that but I had a couple things in a folder called iTunes Music Library. So I moved "iTunes Music" into "iTunes Music Library" but today I tried to play a Beatles song and It said the file couldn't be found. I tried searching my computer but I can't find it. Can anyone...
Wow. I started this forum to find out when a new iphone would come out and what some of the new features would be and we have gotten over 2 pages of replies! Thank you everybody! Keep all the replies coming!
uh... ok. I wish you were a bit nicer but thanks for the info!
Thanks man!
OK. So I'm in the market for a new phone and I would really like to get the iPhone because it has everything and more with what I want and need. But I don't want to buy one and have a newer updated version come out a month or two later. Can any of you guys tell me when a new one will come out?? (Even if it's just a rumor that you read somewhere on the web!) That'd be really helpful!
I am soft of new to Mac OS X Leopard (Got it about two or three weeks ago). I was just wondering how to use Boot Camp. I know it runs windows programs on your computer but do you have to install anything (i.e. Windows XP)? If you guys could help me out that would be really cool. Thanks!
I think that this will be an awesome update but I think they should add a mail app and some how make it compatible with cingular's edge or some other company that can let you have wi-fi any where. I'd buy it then.
New Posts  All Forums: