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A lot of people have complained that a 16-month delay would be ridiculous for just a speed bump (if that's what really happens), but I think it's a strategic change by Apple to have the new iPhones come out just before the holiday shopping season like iPods have for years. The iPhone is overtaking iPods, IMO. I think the iPhone refresh will be during this timeframe from now on, but I doubt we'll ever know the true reason for the delay.
Ha! That's a good one.
That's an improvement, but I don't think it should ever force you out to the home screen. There's no reason to do it since you can't immediately open any of the updated apps. On top of that, once I go into the app store, I like to browse a little. So every time I update apps, I immediately go back into the app store to look around.
There you have it. Certainly not the first time I've been wrong...
I'm no analyst, but it's not even on the website. My guess is that they're working on it, but it's chances for this release are dicey, at best.
I'm very skeptical. If the feature wasn't even ready for a demo, it's not likely to be ready for prime-time in a few months.
That's awesome, and so true. It's hard to describe Ballmer in words, but 'Homer Simpson' pretty much sums it up.
All I can think is "wow"! Either this guy knows something, or M$ paid him some money. There is no basis for such a claim.
webmail,Can you comment on whether FileVault is now well integrated with TimeMachine? Specifically, does it only run at logout? Does it have to backup large blocks of data, or can it do the granular backups like unencrypted drives?Backup is obviously critical for anyone with a computer, and security is critical for a lot of us with a computer, but making the two coexist has been difficult.edit: BTW, I really hope everything you said about FileVault and SSDs is true!
You all are getting me so excited for my first SSD. I'm in for a maxed out 17", courtesy of my employer!
New Posts  All Forums: