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Wow! So... AppleMusic just seems like a whole bundle of fun!   The lack of clarity over iCloud syncing... upload... 'on demand'... download... DRM... non-DRM... settings over here... preferences over there... Err... I think I'll just avoid all that, thank you Apple!   Whatever happened to stuff "just working"?
Well, I've not been able to even view the WWDC presentation yet, as the stupid all-singing-all-dancing page Apple has thrown up crashes the video feed after about 5 minutes. Picture stalls but sound continues. Why Apple can't just use the tried and tested YouTube or Vimeo, or ANYTHING except their own web-guys I don't know. The old Apple event vids used to just be on an simple webpage as a video. No frills, no Twitter feed, just good old-fashioned reliability. So annoying.
Is this Yosemite only? Some of us are still on Mavericks (not by choice -- my organisation will not up to 10.10) A.
Another year, another "brand new" way of managing photos from Apple — or maybe another two or three ways of managing photos, depending on your device? Who knows? Recently Apple appears to have lost its focus on basic usability in its neophilic fondness for chasing constant interface change.   I worry that those in the Apple iPhoto "team" may labour under the assumption that iPhoto is as much the centre of every Mac user's existence as it is theirs. I am pretty certain...
Oh dear. We're getting dangerously close to proving Godwin's Law...
Honestly, I read stuff like this and a small part me dies... The sheer cognitive load that this iCloud Drive introduces is beyond excuse. I want Apple to go back to doing things that 'just work' — seamlessly. Like magic. Why are they trying to ape DropBox? We already have a DropBox. Producing a me-too product (or service) and then trying to bake it in to the OS and key apps... Well, that's the sort of thing I expect from Microsoft. Not Apple. If you're going to have a...
This is electronic data (ones and zeros) stored on one or more hard drives located in a specific geographic location — in this case, the Republic of Ireland. The idea of the data being "in the cloud" and therefore immune to geographic demarcation is bogus. The data is in a foreign country outside of the US jurisdiction.   The only way to get at this data should be through formal requests by the US to the Republic of Ireland authorities, as governed by international...
I like it. Feels authentic — and that's not easy to achieve in these cynical times...   A.
 Wow. Hubris much?
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