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 Wow. Hubris much?
Nice advert! Wouldn't buy one, but nice advert.
"Big Brother is copresent."Yes, Winston Smith would recognise our world... A.
It would be ironic if, with their foray into the Business sector with iOS, Apple ended up being the salvation of Microsoft!   A.
 ...to move like Balmer.
Good God, that guy's wearing a lot of makeup! I'm sensing a touch of the "J.Edgar"s about him. Perhaps it's compulsory for FBI Directors...
This guy would appear to be the epitome of hubris.
Meh... Wake me when all this childish vandalism is over.
Not talking about the keynote content, so not "lying"...   Talking about the stupid event webpage they set up, which is trying to load snapshots / video stills to the page below the streaming content, at the same time as trying to play the video feed. And failing at both.   Haven't actually managed to view content yet — apart from a few seconds of Schiller identifying the sex of a butterfly.   Reloading may help for you... Doesn't help here.
New Posts  All Forums: