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How about circus tent?
Video does not play on iPad... FAIL!
"There is no honour in journalism." Seems Reuters is one among many 'news' creators committed to proving the truth of this. A.
I presume this app will be free...?
Interesting that Apple is turning to Microsoft, a similar software and hardware manufacturer, for strategic partnership. Perhaps even the one-time "evil empire" is easier for Apple to trust than the amoral, do-whatever-is-in-our-own-interest-and-screw-the-consequences internet based companies like Google and Yahoo...   A.
I have had this keyboard for about a month (in the black and space gray colour way). It's nice, and the magnetic hinge / connector is stronger than the old Logitech slim case keyboard – so it doesn't become separated in transit. However, it doesn't have a standard key layout – the " and ' key is missing from the second row, having been moved to the right of the space bar. I do a lot of writing and have found this a rather frustrating glitch that slows me down a lot. It's...
Apple said to be set to delay launch of purported Anti-Gravity Boots due to rumoured "serious production issues", which insiders apparently attribute to "huge flaws in Tim Cook's vision and management skills". Anonymous sources claim "massive development cock-up" may lead to possible new Anti-Gravity product line being cancelled before even being formally announced. Apple share price set to tumble. Doom beckons.
In a market worth hundreds of billions, what does a hundred million fine matter? Could this realistically be termed a 'deterrent against infringement'? I can't see how Samsung's "wilful" copying doesn't make financial sense.   And the negative publicity of 'losing' will, I'm sure, be combatted by some deft PR footwork by Samsung. I can imagine the spin of 'vindication' that they will put on this verdict.   Without serious penalties for infringement—involving meaningful...
Ahhh, FORTRAN...*sigh* A.
Actually, I think this is quite a nice ad...   I wouldn't buy the product, but the ad made me smile.   Has the same 'tone' of some of those Mac vs PC ads... Maybe Apple should revive the format they perfected...?   "Hi! I'm iPad. And this is Galaxy... Hey, Galaxy! Wake up!..." "Wha...? Sorry. I'm recharging." "Isn't that, like, the third time today?" "Yep! All that multi-tasking sure eats up the juice." "But what if you need to do something important?" "Well, you...
New Posts  All Forums: