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Fantastic presentation video %u2014 brings back all the excitement I felt at the time! But Steve looks so well... It's so sad.
Seriously... "Okidokeys"? As in okeydokey?? Surely the result of what must have been one of the worst brainstorming sessions in history!
Interestingly, while Apple's name and logo is included in the letter to the President, it is missing from the website...
Looks interesting. But won't be as good as the completely different system Samsung will likely release after Christmas...   /s
I agree that the punitive value of this case is more important than the financial value. Either stealing intellectual property is wrong or it is open season. Large companies with deep pockets, like Samsung or Apple, could easily afford to steal IP if the cost was merely financial. Indeed, it might in some instances make financial sense. To prevent wholesale theft of intellectual property as this century progresses, the courts have to look to making such action a clear bad...
Patiently waiting for Apple's superior product offering in this space... And I think perhaps it's actually a good thing that Samsung have entered the market first, as then the design changes they make to ape Apple's designs will be obvious for all to see. As with the iPhone, we will be able to compare Samsung's "before Apple's iWatch" and "after Apple's iWatch" products. Should make the inevitable court case more straightforward... One can but dream!
This "pay the market research firm or suffer the consequences" does sound like a paying for protection... Don't you guys have racketeering laws?
Seems that IDC is establishing in the tablet market what cosmologists refer to as "dark matter". That is, something of which there is no physical evidence, but which needs to exist for the mathematical models they use to make sense and not be... er... embarrassingly inaccurate.
I've been using the Pulse daily for a number of months, and today arrived home to find... it was gone! The belt-clip-carry-case thingy is not fit for purpose, and the Pulse must've dropped out of the case sometime today... So... An expensive and disappointing waste of money. The rubber case wears and stretches with use, until eventually (as I've found to my cost) the Pulse makes a break for freedom. Ho-hum. I'm off to hassle the Withings customer support cretins to try...
New Posts  All Forums: