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Ah, the roller coaster of Apple supply chain rumour-mongering. Demand is down! Demand is Up! Oh no, it's down again! But then it's up again! Wheeeeeee! Keep your arms inside the car at all times, please.
You have to hand it to them -- Google are devious little f***ers! An impressive strategy to infiltrate and take over an existing 'host' ecosystem (iOS), and thereby benefit from its success. Reminds me of the way a successful virus operates...
No two ways about it -- Apple is doomed! /s
Fakier than Fake Jack McFake, winner of yesterday's fake competition.
So much shorting of Apple, so little time. I heard from someone close to a source at Apple that they have "run out of ideas", that "things are desperate", and that "sales are down 75% since a while back". /s #talkdownaapl
I'm looking for AT LEAST a 12" iPhone. 12" minimum. Or it's game over for Apple. /s
Things must be really bad a Redmond, because this just seems to be yet another (in a long line) of suicide attempts by Microsoft. Let's hope this one is successful.
It would be interesting if AI could tell us what lobbying exactly Google IS spending all this extra money on -- from their LD-2 Disclosure Form (I presume they complete one of these, too). Without this nugget of info, this article only really gives half the story...
Methinks there are a lot of "commentators" out there shorting Apple stock...
Is this a mis-filed advert? Or has AI been sold to NewsCorp...?
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