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Not sure how long it's been live, but if you visit the Apple Support article mentioned, at the bottom is states:Heh!
What will be funny is when, a couple of months after finally releasing MSOffice for iOS, they're forced to admit that they make more selling their iOS app than selling any of their Surface products!   I can't wait!
Sounds to me like a case of an analyst 'preparing the ground' for yet another "Apple is doomed!" headline. When Apple's presentation fails to include the exact elements that the analyst 'predicts', they can damn the company for its "poor management and lack of innovation". *sheesh!*
Rather than allowing third party apps access to the fingerprint sensor, why doesn't Apple branch into online payment facilitation — like PayPal. Perhaps iCloud Payments or simply iPay. Then Apple could leverage the huge number of registered iTunes accounts with credit cards that they have, and allow their customers to make secure online payments with their iPhone 5s.   Let's face it, Apple is more liquid than most banks at the moment!   A.
Apple is doomed! /s
FYI Mr Bostic, "lookers-on" are better known as "onlookers". Store does look worth a gaze, though. A.
Bizarre. I'm not quite sure what exactly the USPTO / US government has against Apple. Maybe not enough backhanders to those at the top...   Anyway, I've watched the linked videos. Can't see that any of them include "Pinch to zoom" functionality. They contain examples of 'zooming' (i.e. scaling) an image, but I'm not aware of Apple seeking to patent the entire concept of graphical scaling.   If you think that there are example of "pinch to zoom" in these videos, please...
This isn't justice. It's politics.
That 45 degree brace bar on the portico in the photograph looks... err... rather un-Apple like. Dodgy Irish builders, perhaps? /s
I've had my Pebble for several months now, and I really like it.   One interesting aspect of its interface, however, is that if I'm chatting to someone and receive a text message or email, I feel the (inaudible) vibration 'buzz' notification and almost without thinking lift my wrist to look at my Pebble and read it. A couple of times this has caused a bit of an odd moment (and some embarrassment) as looking at your watch while chatting to someone can be interpreted...
New Posts  All Forums: