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 Surely that should be: "Cortana will blow in beta form on Nokia's Lumia devices in April..." 
 My late 2017 MacBook Pro Air runs so cool, I could make ice cream on it. And do so regularly, in fact.
Yes. Nice ad. But I can't help thinking that the marketing suits producing these technology ads (and not just Apple's) are getting more and more overblown in their pretentious claims... They're becoming almost as satire-friendly as perfume ads!
As a current Pebble owner, printing the company the name on the front of the Pebble Steel is a deal breaker. Fugly.
Fantastic presentation video %u2014 brings back all the excitement I felt at the time! But Steve looks so well... It's so sad.
Seriously... "Okidokeys"? As in okeydokey?? Surely the result of what must have been one of the worst brainstorming sessions in history!
Interestingly, while Apple's name and logo is included in the letter to the President, it is missing from the website...
Looks interesting. But won't be as good as the completely different system Samsung will likely release after Christmas...   /s
I agree that the punitive value of this case is more important than the financial value. Either stealing intellectual property is wrong or it is open season. Large companies with deep pockets, like Samsung or Apple, could easily afford to steal IP if the cost was merely financial. Indeed, it might in some instances make financial sense. To prevent wholesale theft of intellectual property as this century progresses, the courts have to look to making such action a clear bad...
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