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grrrrm ... first, a logic pro update enabling 4-way processing on Mac Pros but NOT PowerMac Quads, now these findings of OpenGL being optimized for intel and not PowerPC .... is this your idea of supporting the installed user base, apple??! if they goe on in this fashion, apple will face a new era of really p*ssed customers ...
the adequate amount of memory for logic ist "as much as you can afford" ... especially if you're working with multiple audio-tracks (opposed to AU-instruments, which are not *that* memory-hungry, unless you're working with sampling libraries). a macbook pro should be a proper machine for working with logic btw., i have used a 1.33ghz G4 powerbook for a long time, until i got a new quad a couple of months ago, and i got along pretty well actually (not without...
wow, where can i order? $300 seems like a helluva deal ... ;-)
where did you get that info from?
funny thing is that "gadgets" was apple's original term for the dashboard-widgets (IIRC). i remember that there even has been some original documentation around when tiger was released, in which they still were referred to as "gadgets".
i just want to say - for the records - that i have some of my friends who have / had an ibook, and none of them were ever fully satisfied with it (most of 'em have upgraded to a powerbook in the meantime). anyway, probably there are some happy ibook owners who want to post their opinion now. ;-)
neat! nevertheless it's nothing but paperware at the moment and will stay so for quite some time. besides, how often have we heard about some "new, fantastic powerpc-processors from with being just around the corner" now?
there sure will be refurbs left. i for myself am waiting for the update .... seems to be any time now. ... BRING IT ON ALREADY!!
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