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Why do they say this is Xi Jinping's first visit to the US? He had visited the US decades ago. As the Chinese President, he met with President Obama at the California Summit in 2013.
Big vendors like Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo are giving Apple intense competition in the high end, especially in a large market like China.
How is this store out of the way? This shows the author of this article does not know about Hong Kong or Apple at all.
But Xiaomi is not the only company selling Android phones in China. There are others like Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Samsung, LG and Motorola etc.
Whatever they did was not done effectively. The fact is that the bigger screen of the iPhone 6 is drawing even more new users.
That size is not popular and the market demand is very small. You cannot do stuff effectively on such a small screen.
 The slow pace of opening new Apple stores shows that money cannot overcome business regulations. It is a big misconception that in China, you can just spend money to get around regulations.
The smaller iPhone 5s looks like a toy. That is why the competition is growing so rapidly.
This is a design flaw that they need to address. The iPhone is supposed to be more solid than the competition, but now it is not. Let's see how they spin this their way and the upcoming fix to this issue.
 Apple designs the chips but does not possess the technical skills of making them.
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