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Apple just does not have skills of making the chips themselves.
Which color and capacity will you choose to buy?
 Apple claimed that there is no need for larger screen phones. All the Apple fans agreed that there is no need for them, not because of processor evolution or display production expansion. Now Apple is saying something totally different, and that there is afterall a need for larger screen phones, after losing market share, and therefore will release a 4.7" screen phone.
Where is the 5.5" iPhone6? It looks like the new 4.7" iPhone 6 will still be smaller than most of the competition. Most people around the world want something 5" or larger.
From my own experience, the Chinese have much better work ethics and technology than Apple.
Strong Chinese competition from Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE, Coolpad and others are now taking significant market share from Samsung.
It looks like Apple will buy some OLED screens from Samsung, aince Apple does not have this type of technology at all.
Quote:Vietnam needs to stop creating trouble by occupying Chinese territories. The Chinese have owned those islands for thousands of years and they have the right to drill for oil in Chinese territories.
There is nothing wrong with China drilling oil in its own territory. Vietnam needs to stop making false claims. Ancient maps can prove that those islands are Chinese territories.
Apple will hire him as the new chief of industrial design, since the current chief of industrial design has run out of ideas for innovation.
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