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How low will it go this time?
It seems like they have not learned from last year's slump before the iPhone 4s release.
Apple should move forward the release date of the iPhone 5 with 4 inch screen. Does that mean Apple will be stuck with iPhone 5 and 5s with 4 inch screens for 2 years, during which the competition's 4.5 and 4.8 inches phones will be taking market share?   As of today, the competition's 7 inch tablets are selling like crazy while Apple's 7 inch tablet is still 3 months away, if they do indeed produce it.
Apple needs 4.5 inch phones and 7 inch tablets. As of now they are giving the competition the chance to make big money. Macbook needs to be discounted just to improve slowing sales.
Between Samsung and Hyundai, they control much of Korea's industries.
If Apple sells it at $199, they can easily destroy the competition's 7 inch tablets and therefore limit the expansion of their ecosystem. It is all bout encroaching on the competition's ecosystem. As long as their ecosystem is destroyed, fewer will buy their phones and tablets.
Apple is not leading the technological trend these days. Samsung and others are leading the trend by making 4.5 inch and 4.8 inch phones, which have large market demand. Apple is allowing its competitor to get away with rising sales.  
That is why Samsung is the largest cellphone maker in the world. Apple iPhone 5 is late to the market, while Samsung will have sold 30 million Galaxy 3 phones by then.
Apple should worry more about Samsung which is selling 10 million Galaxy phones per month, while the iPhone 5 with only the 4 inch screen will be 3 months late to market by September.
  Did you read the article properly? That Chinese company got their voice-recognizing assistant patent in 2006. It was likely that Apple copied from the Chinese. The reading skills of Americans are so low that no wonder they have to copy foreign technologies.
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