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Apple is not leading the technological trend these days. Samsung and others are leading the trend by making 4.5 inch and 4.8 inch phones, which have large market demand. Apple is allowing its competitor to get away with rising sales.  
That is why Samsung is the largest cellphone maker in the world. Apple iPhone 5 is late to the market, while Samsung will have sold 30 million Galaxy 3 phones by then.
Apple should worry more about Samsung which is selling 10 million Galaxy phones per month, while the iPhone 5 with only the 4 inch screen will be 3 months late to market by September.
  Did you read the article properly? That Chinese company got their voice-recognizing assistant patent in 2006. It was likely that Apple copied from the Chinese. The reading skills of Americans are so low that no wonder they have to copy foreign technologies.
It looks like the Chinese are way ahead of Apple in developing Siri-like technology.
A smaller iPad will be able to stop the Androids from taking market share. Apple is now allowing the competition to hang on. But with the smaller iPad will mean an all out war against them.
Apple needs to pay up for using other people's trademarks. The Androids are selling like crazy in China. Any delay will allow Samsung Galaxy and Tablets to surpass iPhone and iPad in sales.
This Windows tablet is sleek in design and makes the iPad and MacBook Air obsolete. The keyboard is just innovative. The magnetic connector is way ahead of the iPad. This could have been an Apple product.
They are prosperous due to urbanization, and big technology companies like Huawei and ZTE.
  Shenzhen is a prosperous big city where people are willing to spend on high quality products, both local and foreign brands. Apple will do very well in this huge city, even bigger than Hong Kong.
New Posts  All Forums: