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Apple has to catch up to these Samsung smart TVs.
When will RIM sell all their phones at discount prices just like HP sold their tablets?
A 4.5" iPhone is needed to beat the competition. No one will by a small 3.5" screen that does not display enough.
Google needs China and Europe approval before buying Motorola. The whole point of Google buying Motorola is about those patents. It does not have anything to do with Chinese or European companies at all. Just Can't believe some people do not understand this basic knowledge.   Suppose Google sues Apple over the infringement of Motorola-owned patents in the major markets like the US/Europe/China, they need to gain approval for Google's purchase of Motorola in the first...
Samsung has already led the way into smart TV. The halo effect from the Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets will increase the sales of more Samsung smart TV. Apple needs to catch up with this big Samsung ecosystem which is maintaining the Android market share lead over Apple IOS.
Most people would want a 4.5" screen iPhone. Apple's plan is too squeeze as much sales as possible without changing much e.g iPhone 4S. They could have changed to a larger screen.   The iPhone 4S sells well does not mean the users do not want a larger screen if available. So the next model will be 4" and they will see how well it sells. Then the next year they will go to 4.5" screen. But Apple is no longer leading the design and technology trend, even though the...
That is why Android models outsell the 3 iPhone models, 2 of which are outdated. The Android ecosystem is large than the IOS ecosystem.
Thhe problem with Apple is because there is only one model of iPhone. More models will smooth the demand and earnings from old to new models.
Apple needs to keep with Samsung and others by using quad core cpu in iPhones and iPads.
Android is still leading over Apple. It does not matter how matter Android models they have. Their Android ecosystem is larger.
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