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Apple should pay the owner of the iPad name, just to solve this infringement.
Australia is just a puppet of the US. Australia started out as an illegal colony anyway.
Taiwan government would not allow that to happen, since TSMC has its industrial strategic value.
The situation is not as simple. Foxconn can't hire enough people. There is a labor shortage in China. People have choices these days. You may see 1000 people lining up at Foxconn, but Foxconn has 2000 positions to be filled. Now you get the idea. Foxconn needs to keep on hiring just to replace those workers who quit their jobs.
Dalian is close to Korea. That is why historically, northeastern China has influence on Korea.
They never serve it that way. Sea urchins are cut open, the meat removed and then served raw on a plate.
Apple does not rule the world yet.
How do you call the iPhones 3GS which is still on sale, if you call iPhone 4 the iPhone classic?
That is why Apple needs to buy Disney for getting ESPN content. This way Apple will also get all the theme parks.
The better manufacturers are moving to AMOLED tecnology. LCD is outdated.
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