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    Is it true that every refurb iPad comes with a new outercase and a new battery?
    Android phones now have a larger market share than the iPhone in China. We will see how much sales have been slowing when they announce earnings next week.
    The waiting list was never that long as the sales is slowing.
When Apple infringes on another company's trademark, it will have to pay big money for using that name. Apple should get this resolved soon, otherwise the Chinese users will shift quickly to the Android tablets.
How do you know the iPad 2 is selling well? You don't have any evidences at all. Apple does not even release numbers of how many they sell.
You are totally deluded. Just because China's pollution is in general quite high, that does not mean they should not criticize Apple for polluting the environment.The environment groups in China criticize whoever that pollutes.Apple fanboys think Apple can do no wrong, which is totally laughable. In general, Americans burn more fossil fuel that most other people in the rest of the world.
This is not true in Japan, Europe, China, Korea, South East Asia and India where the average apartments are smaller in size.Apple wants to sell its TV all over the world.
Samsung also makes a lot of products. But Samsung is just taking market share from Sony.
There will be some new big screen 4-core Android phones. Apple needs to improve its specifications in order to compete.
The new iPad is now available anytime you walk into an Apple store. The lack of a waiting list indicates sales are slowing.
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