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A lot of people did not have a chance to buy the iPhone 4 in China. Whether it is the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 4S, they are still willing to lineup for the phone.
If your claim is true, that would mean Apple needs another 200 Apple Stores in China.
That's not true. In general, Chinese people now have more employment choices than ever before, because of their surging economy.
Jobs will not be moved to the US, but to India or Vietnam instead.
The Chinese citizens do care a lot about the environment. It is the Americans who produce pollution the most per capita. The Americans produce large amount of pollution from factories, nuclear power plants, and hundreds of millions of cars. The wasteful habits of Americans should be changed.
The Chinese hate bad odors as much s Americans hate odors. Where do you get the idea that Chinese disregard bad odors? This is just typical American ignorance and arrogance.
It is strange they don't release the phone in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan earlier.
China is now moving up the industrial value chain steadily. Gradually, they going to phase out this type of labor intensive and environmentally polluting industries from the country. But these jobs will be moved to India and Vietnam, not the US.
These jobs will not be moved to the US. If China's wages become too high, these jobs will be moved instead to other countries like India or Vietnam. This process repeats itself until the whole world becomes much more developed. Unless something bad happens to the US economy that causes the average wage to fall down to India's level, these jobs will not be moved to the US.Apple sales are increasing so rapidly worldwide that the US cannot even provide sufficient workers,...
What do you mean Brazil doesn't benefit? China paid good money for raw materials.
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