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Brazil can't produce the parts locally. Most parts are from Samsung or LG, like LCD screen, flash memory, cpu. The battery is from Japan. Some other parts from China or Taiwan.
Apple should deal with that particular problematic Fruit daily newspaper for making such a big deal.
You are wrong, The Hong Kong culture that I know is not like that.New York is worse. You don't understand New York culture.
Is Apple going to stop using Samsung LCD screens on the iPad and the iPhone?
You stupid racist, shame on you. Most Apple products are still made in China.China is becoming the largest market for Apple products and the US market is becoming less important.
You forgot that the Japanese, the British, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and the oil rich Middle East are also big holders of US debt.
Who cares as long as Apple sales in China triple again next year? Apple needs to have 300 Apple Stores in China within 5 yrs.
Their yuan is not pegged to any currency. The yuan has appreciated 25% in the past few years. If the yuan goes up more, that will only mean they can buy more oil and natural resources more cheaply, thereby increasing their competitiveness.What do you mean by their yuan is 1/7 of the value of the dollar? The Japanese yen is 1/80 the value of the dollar, and so what?The US is manipulating its currency by printing lots of money, should the US be kicked out of the WTO?
The US itself was formed on faked morals.
There is nothing that prevents you from reselling Apple products on eBay. Lots of Apple stuff for sale on eBay right now.This store is on a larger scale, but the same concept.
New Posts  All Forums: