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Hey just broaden your horizon. There are other websites all over the world, not only American.Why would the Chinese need to use twitter, when sina.com's Weibo has more functionalities? Chinese people just prefer Baidu.com over google, yahoo or bing just because Baidu offers better search results for them.They use youku.com and tudou.com over youtube.com.Ebay is just another auction website, and there are a large number of Chinese auction and retail websites, like...
In my time in China, most of the people I met, have a lot of pride in the jobs they do.There are greedy scalpers in the US and other countries, selling sports event tickets, concert tickets etc. Scalpers are in every country.
Well, the Apple stores in the US were robbed several times before. So this incident is just small.
Have you ever lived in Hong Kong? Hong Kong Chinese are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They are so polite and well-behaved. They are well educated and know to appreciate fine products. They are so well-cultured, I would say they are better than the south east Asia Chinese. But South east Asia Chinese have their nice aspects.
The point here is that, Sony is just a rebadged Samsung.
Some photos from sina.com gallery http://slide.tech.sina.com.cn/notebo...14081.html#p=1
Apple just cannot make enough products to go around the world. So the choice is to stock the channel in North American first, then Europe and Japan. But it is clear that, Apple sales in the Greater China region is surging rapidly. However, Foxconn has to deal with rapidly rising wages in China, as well as surging demand for Apple products at the same time.
Sony is good. I heard that Sony and Samsung share flat panels factories in China.
Scalping is normal in Japan: for sports events, popular concerts tickets etc What this shows is that, Apple needs to open a lot more Apple stores in China. Now with just 2 store in Beijing and 2 stores in Shanghai are not enough. Brands like LV, Gucci, and Coach etc, have more store in China than Apple has. Apple seems to always place more inventory available in the US first. That is why the wait for the iPad is shorter in the US. The long wait in China is due to Apple's...
How long does it take to update the ios on your iPhone?
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