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This particular store is selling genuine Apple products, maybe grey market, but genuine Apple products.
Apple is paying Nokia because Apple has little innovation in telecommunication technology.
It is also possible they are selling grey market but genuine Apple products.
This is just an authorized dealer for genuine Apple products.
Foxconn is not shifting production to Brazil. They are expanding to Brazil. Shifting production does not increase capacity, but expanding does. What Foxconn needs is additional capacity to meet the surging demand for Apple products in China.
Just by looking at the telecommunication related patents that Apple is actually holding, you will realize how few innovation Apple has made in the telecommunication field, compared with Nokia, Samsung and the others.
The Americans tend to mix up foreign countries. No wonder they don't even realize Apple is not always clean. Apple was made to pay Nokia and will be made to pay HTC, for copying foreign technology. When are Apple supporters going to realize that Apple has made very little innovation in telecommunications technology?
Is there a special way of activating your unlocked iPhone 4 overseas?
Like I said before, to summarize, the Chinese do not need US political propaganda crap, rumors and imperialistic ideals found on US websites. China will carry out its reforms on its own terms, at its own pace.As China's economy matures, more political reforms will come. Political reforms in China are necessary, but no US imperialism will be accepted.Personally, I believe that a more mature economy and a more highly educated workforce, will greatly increase the chance of...
Talking about expansionism, it is the US that is expansionist. The US didn't even exist 200 yrs ago. Also, look at how many countries the US invaded, after the WWII.
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