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Quote:Vietnam needs to stop creating trouble by occupying Chinese territories. The Chinese have owned those islands for thousands of years and they have the right to drill for oil in Chinese territories.
There is nothing wrong with China drilling oil in its own territory. Vietnam needs to stop making false claims. Ancient maps can prove that those islands are Chinese territories.
Apple will hire him as the new chief of industrial design, since the current chief of industrial design has run out of ideas for innovation.
Samsung's operations management is way better than Apple's, since Samsung not only sells way more smartphones, but it also sells other products like PCs, tablets, microwave ovens, home appliances, smart TVs and semi-conductors etc. The supply chain of Samsung is simply big and efficient.
Do you care about your eyes? Can you read stuff on your iPhone clearly? You must be using magnifying glasses when reading off your phone screen.
There have been few new designs from the chief in industrial designs. Perhaps his team is running out of ideas.
Amazon makes its money from online retail and Amazon web services, while Google makes its money from search. They are going to take market share from the iPhone, which is Apple's money making machine. With no new products, Apple's profit will shrink.
The chief in industrial design has not released any dramatically new designs since iPhone 4. It is not surprising their market share is crumbling.
It is Android that is taking market share from Microsoft, not Apple, which is taking a long time deciding when to introduce larger screen smartphones.
Apple needs to catch up quickly with other leading smartphone manufacturers.
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