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Amazon makes its money from online retail and Amazon web services, while Google makes its money from search. They are going to take market share from the iPhone, which is Apple's money making machine. With no new products, Apple's profit will shrink.
The chief in industrial design has not released any dramatically new designs since iPhone 4. It is not surprising their market share is crumbling.
It is Android that is taking market share from Microsoft, not Apple, which is taking a long time deciding when to introduce larger screen smartphones.
Apple needs to catch up quickly with other leading smartphone manufacturers.
Apple still has not revealed their smart watch or smart TV. There is no guarantee that Apple will produce anything better, if at all. Apple is no longer the leader that it once was. It can't even decide on a bigger screen iPhone.
Roku has such a big lead over Apple TV. Even Samsung has its own smart TV loaded with apps. The upcoming Apple smart TV still nowhere to be seen.
This is nothing new at all. Many existing smart TVs and game/TV consoles already have this function.
Roku consoles are still the market leader here. Many brands have adopted the Roku interface in their smart TVs. Apple TV is good only when you buy a lot of media from iTunes. But then Android share is way higher than that of IOS.
Android tablets market share is surging, especially Samsung's market share is remarkable. Apple needs to come up with innovation soon.
Apple TV will need to surpass Roku first.
New Posts  All Forums: