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Why would jobs come back to the US, when the factories will go bankrupt like GM?
Foxconn is a Taiwanese company, so why would you blame China?
There is nothing with the factories in China in general. Sooner or later, the people in China will be earning US$90,000 per year. We have to understand that every country needs some time to develop. China is on the right right track as their economy is growing rapidly. As the $US depreciates rapidly over the next decade, Chinese or any foreign made products will be way more expensive.
Another ignorant american talking crap here. How do you know China has no oil? Maybe you should check and you will realize that China is actually a large oil producing country. But the problem is they cannot produce enough for consumption, so that they have to import more. So please do some research before talking crap.if you are talking about japan, then you are right, they don't have a drop of oil.if you guys want to understand why the US is going bankrupt, just come...
What a stupid logic that is? Anyone who disagrees with you is working for the Chinese government? As a naive American, you should not talk like you are superior or pretend to be know-it-all. Also, the Chinese are doing just fine, unlike what your biased western media told you. Sure they have their own problems, but the people are working on them.
The naive foreigners are just jealous of China's rapid progress in all areas, therefore they cannot restrain themselves from bashing China. People in western countries are misinformed about China by their own crappy media and authoritarian government.wifi is allowed in China. Even with wifi, the data transfer still has to go through the same internet network. It makes no differences whether the internet is accessed using wifi or just plain cable.The Chinese has every right...
If you think about it, they sold more cars in China this January, than in the US. China is already the second largest car market and computer market in the world. They can afford just a phone. You probably forgot, they already have hundreds of thousands of unlocked iPhones in use, which they paid for more than the sale price in the US. With 600 million mobile phone users, even a small percentage is a lot.
Apple needs to introduce more models to compete with Nokia or RIMM. Just look at how many different models they are offering for customers to choose from. The Iphone has this touch screen and they are not going to put more buttons on it, and that is the problem. Some people just like the buttons. How will Apple redesign the Iphone? It is a simple design, but they cannot make it simpler and they will not make it more complicated?
The main reason why the Greater China region of China/Taiwan/Hong Kong are so industrialized is that they have modern infrastructure. The other places like India or Thailand are politically unstable, and there is a lack of proper infrastructure like stable electricity supply, highways and railways. This probably explains why China's per capita GDP is 2.5 times that of India. Presently, China's economic developement is like Japan's in the 1970's. So give it some time, as...
The people in China have a lot of freedoms and they are getting better and better all the time. Sure there are problems, but they improving in all areas, to your disappointment. You don't have a clue of what you are saying. Hong Kong is one of the best governed cities in the world, way better than India which is still corrupted and poor despite being democratic. Just give China another 20 years of economic development, they will be even more dominant in all areas with...
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