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You are just another foreigner eating sour grapes.
Don't be so jealous little kid. China is just starting to develop, but they already have so many local millionaires now. Hong Kong alone has more millionaires than Frankfurt. Please do not get jealous when Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Taipei and Tianjin get the Apple Store before you get it. Paris, Frankfurt and most of western Europe have reached the peak already, but China is still booming, for decades to come.
Ipods sales is only about 25% of Apple sales. The Mac, laptops, Itunes, MacOS and Iphone make up 75% of the sales. Please do some homework next time.
I think you have to check your knowledge of China. First, you said people who bought a house or a car, cannot afford the iPhone. This is the most ridiculous comment you will see anywhere. Second, the Chinese stock market in Shanghai is not available to most foreign investors. Only those Chinese stocks listed in Hong Kong are available to foreigners. In fact, the Chinese government has been raising bank interest rates to reduce excess amount of liquidity and cool down the...
Hong Kong would be another very good market for the iPhone. Many people there have more than one cellphone. They like to buy a new phone every few months.
To those who think people in China cannot afford the iPhone, they are totally out of touch with the world. China is already the world's second largest market for computers/laptops, and cars. If they can afford a car, then they can afford the iPhone. They certainly have enough money in China to drive the Chinese stock market to high levels. If they have the money to invest in stocks, they can certainly afford a few hundreds bucks for an iPhone.
New Posts  All Forums: