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Roku consoles are still the market leader here. Many brands have adopted the Roku interface in their smart TVs. Apple TV is good only when you buy a lot of media from iTunes. But then Android share is way higher than that of IOS.
Android tablets market share is surging, especially Samsung's market share is remarkable. Apple needs to come up with innovation soon.
Apple TV will need to surpass Roku first.
The chief designer has not made major changes to the design of the iPhone since iPhone 4, what do you expect? The lack of creativity has allowed the competition to increase the lead.
It looks like Apple is unable to develop such technology, therefore buying other companies is the way to do it. The so-called smart watch is now way behind schedule compared with the competition.
Apple needs a new bigger screen iPhone, so that they can stop their market share from shrinking.
At what rate does Apple accumulate cash monthly?
Why is he buying so many Apple stock just as Apple is losing so much market share all over the world? There are no bigger screen, more affordable iPhones or new products coming.
 That was not true at all when Apple is now losing market share in all those categories.
 Apple has not even released any smart watch., while samsung has already done so. If Apple uses screens and flash memory from any other vendor including samsung, then there is no way Apple is leading at all, as it is just depending on others' technology. It is interesting that you claim Apple's smart watch will be superior when you have not even seen it yet. As for Samsung's 50,000 smart watch number, for sure it is way more than Apple's as Apple has not even released any...
New Posts  All Forums: