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Why is he buying so many Apple stock just as Apple is losing so much market share all over the world? There are no bigger screen, more affordable iPhones or new products coming.
 That was not true at all when Apple is now losing market share in all those categories.
 Apple has not even released any smart watch., while samsung has already done so. If Apple uses screens and flash memory from any other vendor including samsung, then there is no way Apple is leading at all, as it is just depending on others' technology. It is interesting that you claim Apple's smart watch will be superior when you have not even seen it yet. As for Samsung's 50,000 smart watch number, for sure it is way more than Apple's as Apple has not even released any...
Samsung owns the android market and leads over Apple in smart phone market share. Apple depends on samsung's screen and flash memory.Therefore, Samsung has lead over Apple in several areas. If Samsung can't supply Apple iWatch screen at the required quality level, then neither can Apple supply the quality screen for its own iWatch. In any case, Apple does not have any screen technology to supply any of its own product. It is strange how you twist around and say Samsung...
 When Apple releases a smart watch, it will be using Samsung's screen and flash memory. Apple lags behind in screen and flash memory technology.
Apple is lagging way behind when it comes to smart watches.
 Lenovo is already the largest PC maker in the world. Of course they are growing rapidly in tablets and smartphones, in particular in China where they are taking market share away from Samsung.
Why keep the iPad2 is still available when no one is buy it? They should keep the iPad4 instead.
Mac and Macbook market share is so small that they are negligible in the computing world. The iPhone is being priced out of range and will continue to lose market share.
Apple IOS will continue to lose market share, the same way the Mac and MacBook have lost market share due to overpriced product. The problem is that in the future IOS may become irrelevant, no matter how good it is, due to its small and negligible ecosystem relative to its competition.
New Posts  All Forums: