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And of course, the Burj Khalifa was built by Samsung construction. Maybe Apple should hire Samsung Engineering & Construction Group instead.
This is something Apple fans forget. Apple is certainly lagging behind the Samsung, LG and Sony smart TV.
It looks like Apple is lagging behind even Microsoft Glass.
Apple iRing is so advanced that it will change its size according to the thickness of the user's finger.
Chinese police have been using mobile devices for a long time.  
Samsung has an even bigger market share in China, but they are treating the Chinese consumers fair and right. Samsung is way more successful than Apple in China.
It is Chinese business tradition of making public apologies, due to their Confucian culture and beliefs. The Japanese and Korean just copied(again) from the Chinese Confucian culture.
Tim Cook will not move Apple manufacturing out of China. Apple needs China as it competes with the leader Samsung and the others.
As the Chinese consumers shift to Huawei, Lenovo and Samsung smartphones, Apple will lose more market share in the world's largest market.
Apple is allowing third party companies infringe on the rights of other Chinese companies, therefore Apple is responsible for this fault. This is no surprise as Apple has pirated the LG touch phone, Samsung smart watch, smaller 7 inch tablet, and smart TV. Soon Apple will release a bigger 5 inch phone, one year later than the competition, again a copycat of the other companies 5 inch phone.
New Posts  All Forums: