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People can always ship these phones around the world. There is no way they can be geographically restricted.
Apple itself is a copycat of the first LG touchscreen phone. Apple does not even have the technology of making flash, ram and touch screens, and therefore had to patent rectangular shapes and outsource manufacturing.
It looks like the iWatch and the iPhone working in tandem will take sales away from iPad, which again is not good for sales.
Most people do it by looking at the time in their cars, or on their computer or phone. Their is no need for another watch. This iWatch will take sales away from the iPhone, which is not good for profits.
The chief designer of the iMac is deluded here. He thinks his so-called industrial design is so great that they cannot mass produce the product to the detriment of the company.   Well, maybe it does not really matter anyway, since their market share is so low.
They made the mistake of using a design that is so difficult to mass manufacture. This show the design is unpractical. You can claim the design is great, but what good there is if you cannot mass produce it?
Apple needs to sign a deal with China Mobile as soon as possible, as the Chinese Android brands control 70% of China's market, in addition to Samsung's share. Even if Apple comes up with the smart TV, they are still lagging the Samsung Smart TV. A 5 inch or bigger screen iPhone is a must.
There is no company that can patent a particular shape.
The problem with Apple is that they don't have technology for display screens. In the foreseeable future, Apple will have to rely on other vendors for the new flexible 4K OLED. screens for the new Apple smart TV.
New Posts  All Forums: