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They made the mistake of using a design that is so difficult to mass manufacture. This show the design is unpractical. You can claim the design is great, but what good there is if you cannot mass produce it?
Apple needs to sign a deal with China Mobile as soon as possible, as the Chinese Android brands control 70% of China's market, in addition to Samsung's share. Even if Apple comes up with the smart TV, they are still lagging the Samsung Smart TV. A 5 inch or bigger screen iPhone is a must.
There is no company that can patent a particular shape.
The problem with Apple is that they don't have technology for display screens. In the foreseeable future, Apple will have to rely on other vendors for the new flexible 4K OLED. screens for the new Apple smart TV.
Apple needs to catch up on display technology rather than just buying off the shelf and repackaging others technology.
If Apple drops prices on the MacBooks, they will dominate the laptop market.
In China, Lenovo and Huawei are taking over the Android smartphone market. The big Chinese brands like Lenovo, Huawei, TCL and ZTE control over 70% of the Chinese smartphone market share. Samsung is having difficulty in China, the largest smartphone market in the world, right now.
Apple has to pay for this infringement of others' copyrights. The Chinese are just playing Apple's way of suing other people. In this case, Apple was found to be infringing on other people's creation.
In China, Lenovo is about to take over #1 position in smartphone market share from Samsung. It is all Android in China. Huawei and ZTE etc are ahead of Apple which is only #6 in China.
Windows 8 boots ups faster than OSX which is used only by a small number of computers.
New Posts  All Forums: