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Why would anyone want to buy HTC which is fading quickly? They don't even bother to buy Nokia or RIM. Lenovo, Huawei and ZTE are rapidly taking market share away from Samsung and HTC. They don't need HTC at all.
  It is a false impression that Apple dominates in PC consumer satisfaction. The reason is that Apple refuses to offer computers for the masses. All other manufacturers are totally capable of offering the same high-quality PC/laptops.       This is the reason why the Androids are now dominating over the IOS ecosystem, the same way Microsoft is dominating in the PC market. As a result Apple is losing market share in the both the PC/tablet and the smartphone market segments.
They need to reduce prices and produce models for the general public at all price points so that their market share can be increased.
Apple infringing on others patents is not something new.
China Mobile doesn't really need Apple at all. The Chinese have their own smartphone OS, and ecosystems with lots of apps.
The iPhone is too complicated to be mass produced at high quality. Foxconn should not be blamed for this. Apple should learn from Samsung by making simpler mass market phones, in order to capture a larger market.
The Android ecosystem is now getting much bigger, with Samsung selling twice as many smartphones as Apple selling iPhones. Factor in all the other smartphone makers, the Android ecosystem is bigger. The iPad mini is just a defensive move to slow the Android expansion.
Apple needs to develop its own display screen technologies and factories.
They are changing the upgrade cycle to 6 months now. The iPad mini may be upgraded in 6 months with retina display. The iPhone 5 may be upgraded soon as well.
Are you using bull call spread?
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