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You have to wait a little while for it to show up on the website.
New Macs tomorrow?
I want to know if the membership includes the actual production software, the same stuff get if you go to the store and buy it. Some memberships did include this, does it still? Also I did know the dev tools are free, that is what I am using now.
Does anyone know if you also get to download Snow Leopard Server with this new membership? $500 software for only $100 sounds a little too good to be true.
I wondered why I had not heard about this from AI yet. I just noticed it today but I think they changed it a few days ago. edit: I guess it was just yesterday
Good, 724MB is a lot more memory than a web browser should be using.
I wonder if apple will ever add 64bit support for the Apple USB modem, it looks like it got missed or purposely left out again \
I have been having some problems with the headphone jack on my 13.3" Macbook Pro. A few weeks ago I plugged my headphones into the headphone jack and the sound still kept coming from the speakers in the computer. I found that I can get the headphones to work if I put my computer to sleep and wake it up with the headphones plugged in. However the next time I plug in the headphones with the computer on, it does the same thing. Restarting my computer helps for a few days...
I am kind of hoping that Canon will sue over the use of the name Rebel
I wonder if apple is trying to tell us something
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