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Are Apple to late to the party with the News app?  There are already Flipboard and Microsoft News...and I am sure others.    
It has to do with a segment on Patent trolls from Last Week Tonight on HBO.  A ton of lawsuits get filed in Marshall, TX because of the judges there.  Samsung built a ice skating rink there.  You should watch the segment if you have not.  It is very interesting.
I have been using Google Wallet for awhile now. 
Who is putting an iPad mini in their pocket? Just stick with the 6 and get an iPad mini for larger viewing if you are thinking of getting a 6+.
hahaha...this made me laugh for some reason.
I wear Diesel straight leg jeans and I can fit almost any phone in my pocket and have it feel comfy.  I have a Lumia 920, and it is not thin at all.  A larger iPhone will be fine in your pocket.
I can not even restart my computer to close the program. Safari won't allow the computer to restart
Ater the update, I lost the ability to close Safari. Command Q does not work and I can not close new tabs in Safari now either.
I have seen more people with a Lumia than I have with a iPhone 5c.  3-1   Almost every person I see with an iPhone is the 5.
Why would they start laying people off?  Microsoft had growth in every country in the world.
New Posts  All Forums: