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I really enjoy my 920.  There are things with the 920 that I love that iOS did not have like the screen adapting to the outdoors, screen size, and the ability to change the home screen.  I am pretty sure the 920 is going to get flip to silence and a few other updates soon.  
More people use .6 than .7? Shouldn't they compare the newest osx with the newest windows op?
I also own the 920.  I made the switch back in November.  I have a Mac and I have found that just because I have a Mac does not mean I NEED to own an iPhone anymore.  I bought the phone i liked the best.  There are apps that I can download that I can upload all my iTunes content to the phone and SkyDrive puts my photos on the computer.  Will I go back to the iPhone?  If they make a phone that I like more than other phones.  I am not loyal to any company.  
I believe the phone is almost the exact same size.  Height is the same. It might be .03 wider. The screen is just larger.  
Exactly.  I bet it has been at least six months for me.  
Doesn't every phone maker want to take sales away from Apple....and other companies?  There is nothing new in this article.
A game like Destiny could never be put on an iPad.  That is the difference between an iPad game and a game on a console.     People love their iPad and iPhone games but most of them have no shelf life.  I stopped playing games on my phone a long time ago because I would get bored with them after a week.  Most of them have no story and are the same thing over and over again until you die, and the game restarts.   People that will buy a ps4 or a 720, or a Wii U will want...
Honestly, I think it does not look anything like an iPhone.  It has curves edges and it is black, but the speakers on the front are different and the camera is in a different spot.  Everybody that makes a black phone will make iPhone clones then...   AI is stretching it here. 
  Nokia's 920 is not crap.  The operating system is what you might people call crap.  
 I could def tell the difference between the older screens and the retina display. 
New Posts  All Forums: