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  Nokia's 920 is not crap.  The operating system is what you might people call crap.  
 I could def tell the difference between the older screens and the retina display. 
Still won't work.   I'll just try to film the experiment again one day soon.  Thanks for your help.
It is not jailbroken.   I tried dragging it out of iPhoto to my desktop, but it would not let me.   I tried sending it to YouTube, but it seemed to freeze the Photo app on the phone.  
iPhoto says the video is unreadable and it does not show up in iMovie.   oh well...
I went into the camera app that comes with the iPhone and shot a video.  When I open the video, it says, Cannot Open.  I have no idea why.     The video was long, maybe just over an hour.  I do not think that would affect anything though.   I would believe this is not a flash or silverlight issue.
I filmed a video using my iPhone.  I went back to watch it and it said Can Not play the video.  Has this problem happened to anybody, or anybody know of way around it?
Not sure of the issue, but Photoshop Elements 10 on my Mid 2010 MBP is running at a snails pace.  I can no even use the program any longer.  Not sure if it is ML or another issue, but the issue never happened before i installed ML.
I love coming in here and reading the comments these days.  Most of you people have no lives.  You come here every day to say how much you hate samsung when you could actually be doing something worth while with your lives.  It is not like any of this is could be important to most of you...it is a stupid cell phone.  Why do you care that a company might have mimicked the iPhone?  Any of you guys losing money over the deal?  I doubt it.   Let the people that actually...
I did not say a Samsung phone, I said a Galaxy.  My parents have a samsung phone, but it is a cheap phone that runs what Samsung used to use as the OS.  I doubt they know the model.     If somebody buys a Samsung Galaxy, they know they are buying a Galaxy.  Varieties do not matter, the phone is still a Galaxy.
New Posts  All Forums: