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Nobody has ever done that before.  If somebody buys a Galaxy, they know exactly what they bought.
...like the Nokia map app?  Should be a cool addition.  
Didn't you read he prvious post?
What does that say?
I do not understand how zooming in on a picture can be patented. Is the patent the way to zoom in on a picture or the fact that you can zoom in on the picture?
I have been having an issue when sending a pages document to a person that is using Word. The past couple fo times that person has not been able to open the file. I thought pages documents would open in Word. Is it because they have an older version of word? I really do not feel like buying Office for the Mac.
I've witnessed my sister-in-law's 4s go from 100% battery to 84% in matter of hours when she barely used it.
Samsung does not care how many are sold from the stores. They care how many phones the stores buy from them....which is shipped.
12 Hours.................
I wish they would make a nano with a larger flash drive. I would buy one but I will have more than 16gig worth of songs in iTunes soon.
New Posts  All Forums: