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Since we are talking about streaming...Netflix is still 8 bucks a month.
I am quite sure the instant movies price for Netflix is not going up. It is going up if you do both. You should be fine if you only steam.
I like your style!!! Anything think new MobileMe or will that be put in with the iCloud?
Where is here? I see a lot of Kindles in Philly. I will def look into the Amazon tablet. If it is not what I want, I will keep my Kindle.
The chart I saw on CNN Money showed Android took off in Februrary while Apple stayed pretty close to the same market share as before.
I actually bought my printer and hard drive from an Apple Store.
I have never had an issue with my ATT iPhone in Philadelphia.
But you do not see Apple working with HP or IBM to put iLife or iWork on a PC.
Why would you want to pay full price on soon to be out of electronics?
You do not speak for me either. I live in a suburb of Philadelphia. I never have issues with my iPhone. ATT has never given me any issues.
New Posts  All Forums: