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How long will it take a consumer to buy enough books to cover the price difference? That is a major reason why people will buy the Kindle.
Thanks for being rude in your response.
Does anybody have a feeling when 10.7.1 will come out? I know some people that are waiting to download Lion until it comes out to insure they encounter less bugs than one might now.
Since we are talking about streaming...Netflix is still 8 bucks a month.
I am quite sure the instant movies price for Netflix is not going up. It is going up if you do both. You should be fine if you only steam.
I like your style!!! Anything think new MobileMe or will that be put in with the iCloud?
Where is here? I see a lot of Kindles in Philly. I will def look into the Amazon tablet. If it is not what I want, I will keep my Kindle.
The chart I saw on CNN Money showed Android took off in Februrary while Apple stayed pretty close to the same market share as before.
I actually bought my printer and hard drive from an Apple Store.
I have never had an issue with my ATT iPhone in Philadelphia.
New Posts  All Forums: