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I have never had an issue with my ATT iPhone in Philadelphia.
But you do not see Apple working with HP or IBM to put iLife or iWork on a PC.
Why would you want to pay full price on soon to be out of electronics?
You do not speak for me either. I live in a suburb of Philadelphia. I never have issues with my iPhone. ATT has never given me any issues.
FINALLLLLY now i just need to figure out which one I want
Please do not get my hopes up AGAIN
You try using a work issued laptop with no ability to download or update anything, print, go to Youtube, or anything fun. Some people like me, need the new mbp to come out asap. I am not a spoiled kid...sorry dude.
Not all of us can wait till May or June for the update. I am using a work issued laptop that is terrible. I am soo limited in what I can do, it drives me crazy. I need administrator status to install or upgrade anything, add a printer, or any tasks people take for granted. It needs to come very soon.
When is that going to happen?
What promotions?
New Posts  All Forums: