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Cash can be fake too. The only really safe payment is a wire transfer. Sounds like Venmo and the like are no different than checks.
55 pounds? I think you mean 25 kilograms.
Every time I talk or chat with Apple Support, it ends up taking an hour and a half. They need to streamline that, which would save them a lot of money.
Looks like sprawl to me. Any decent transit available out there?
More companies should simulate third-world environments when testing. I find many apps (including some Apple apps) completely unusable in large parts of the world.
But if you already have Wi-Fi calling, there's no point, right?
I just don't get these expensive Bluetooth speakers. For about the same price you can have a decent stereo system that will sound infinitely better.
There are many apps I wish I could run on OS X. It's sad that, so often, I have to turn away from my powerful computer and pick up my handheld device, merely because all those simple single-purpose programs are quicker to use than navigating to some website.
Here's a plain English interpretation: http://robb.weblaws.org/2015/10/17/os-x-el-capitan-license-in-plain-english/
A Windows PC is a mobile device?
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