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"Participating carriers" is the key. The beauty of the current system is that the consumer has full freedom to switch phones or carriers. Contrast this to the CDMA SIM-less system where you are at the carrier's mercy. Oh, you didn't buy a "Verizon" iPhone? Sorry, we won't activate you. So I'm a bit nervous about any system that might limit our abilities as customers.
I sure wish restoring from iCloud would restore saved passwords, including those of Wi-Fi access points.
I'm still waiting to hear Beats 1. When I try to play it, I get:   Unable to play “Beats 1” This station requires OS X 10.9.3 or later.   Huh? What's so special about Beats 1 that it alone out of all the world's stations requires a certain level of the operating system?
$50 for 500 MB over 30 days in India? Is this a joke? When I was there last year I paid $6 for 1 GB over 30 days.
I should have been more clear. It does not back up media you sync to your phone (since it is assumed that the master copies exist elsewhere) but it does back up your camera roll.
No, the iCloud backup does not back up your media.
I don't understand this obsession with advertising privacy. Given that I'm going to be shown ads no matter what, I'd much rather see those targeted to my interests instead of those for feminine hygiene products.
For a company that is constantly declaring its love of music, methinks they could do a better job using a trickle of their billions to support musicians.
 OK, true (2012, actually). But they are required to source at least 30% of goods sold domestically. Since Apple doesn't have manufacturing in India, they still cannot open their own stores. We will have to wait for Foxconn to start manufacturing iPhones there to meet that requirement.
India does not allow foreign companies to operate stores. There are Samsung stores everywhere in India, apparently operated by local firms. Apple wouldn't allow this and so has a much smaller presence.
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