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I stuck with Downcast for a long time (after Apple ruined theirs) but Overcast is great. It lets me listen to podcasts faster than any other app. I usually listen at 2x + SmartSpeed, for an effective 2.3x~2.4x. That's a huge time savings!
Who the heck is Mr. Stark?
Shoot me if I ever waste time posting to an online forum.
They may offer third-party chargers and such, but the Apple merchandise is real. This whole non-issue started when some reporter spotted a chain of stores whose English name was "Apple Store" and decided they were "fake" stores. But they weren't trying to fool anyone, and most Chinese wouldn't have even noticed as their Chinese name was something completely different. They ended up changing their English name though I occasionally see one with the old name still up.
As I understand it, those superfluous 'u's were added in an attempt by the British to be more French.
Oh, stop it. These aren't "fake Apple stores"; they're just resellers (some authorized, some not) selling Apple merchandise.
I think it's just that anyone planning to buy phones and ship them overseas would gravitate to states that don't charge sales tax. Using the words "abuse" and "scalpers" is being a bit pejorative methinks.
But surely you noticed fairly nice Samsung shops on every shopping street. Apple needs to at least emulate these resellers.
If you can afford an Apple device, you can afford the tolls :-). I like the fact that the Toyota (really Nippon Denso) navigation system in my car lets me set it to avoid highways, avoid tolls, etc. I often use its "Short" route to let me discover new neighborhoods. But the fact is that if I need to be somewhere as quickly as possible, I use Waze. 
I thought it was announced that it was 300 cities in China.
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