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No way. I used to use the Xerox Star and it was nicer (and quite different) than the early Macs. For one thing, it had a nice big screen. Not that little 9" excuse for a monitor.
6'4" is about 193 cm.
Exactly. A friend of mine heard about how Samsung makes great TVs and bought one. But she bought Samsung's bottom-of-the-line model, and it _is_ complete crap. The backlighting is so uneven, for example. Apple avoids this by only making top-of-the-line products. You never have to worry about buying a crappy Apple product (except maybe the iBook, but thankfully that's way in the past).
You mean China Telecom (中国电信).
Although there are only four Apple-owned stores, there are still many many Apple stores (vs. Apple Stores). Every mall seems to have at least one. These are official "Apple Premium Reseller" (or other official designation) shops and sell only Apple products. They are often as packed as Apple Stores back home. Same goes for Taiwan. I'm less familiar with Hong Kong.
Yes, having an Apple is a status symbol in China, but...Puh-leeze! The truth is that barely anyone is running Mac OS X on their Macs in China. They are all running Windows. And there are only a few (official) Apple Stores in the whole country, so that isn't it either. It's just a cool-looking computer!
Cingular's CEO (AKA Mr. Notecard) didn't seem to be the sharpest tool either.
I pay US$7 a month for my iPhone plan (套餐) in China. That gives me 150MB of data (and 50 minutes of outgoing voice), which is enough for me. I used to be on the US$14 plan (300MB), but found I was only using 120MB a month, so I downgraded.When I was in Malaysia, I used TuneTalk, a prepaid service that costs US$0.015 per megabyte! Yes, that's only US$1.80 per month for my typical usage.
I _may_ go for this. If any news source can charge this amount for access, it's the NY Times. I'm now so used to the NYT app (buggy as it is) that I actually prefer it to reading a physical paper, with all its page- (and in the case of the NYT, section-) turning. To those who think that Yahoo is a trusted news source, you tell me how many reporters they employ. The problem is that I already pay $24 a month for my dead-tree LA Times subscription, and increasing my...
People seem to be under the delusion that removing an app from the task list closes the app. It does not. It just removes it from the list. To fully close an app, hold down the top button until it says "slide to power off" and then hold the Home button for 5 seconds.
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