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Where is this mobile toggle exactly? I can't find it anywhere.
I hope all these recent changes mean better software quality. I have been disappointed in the increasing number of bugs in Apple software. iPhoto '11, for example, has been a non-stop disaster, and recent iTunes versions often take 30 minutes to sync my phone where it used to take less than three. I think they have been more interested in adding features than in making sure it all works. The decision to delay iTunes 11 is a good sign, as is this increase in R&D...
If I had just made $38.7 million, I too might decide to take it easy and do some consulting work for a while.
          Originally Posted by noirdesir        I don't need a map that shows me the route,  They announced they're giving it up, so I choose to believe them. Same here. It used to also be possible to quickly toggle between transit and walking directions to determine those cases where walking is the better option. That is no longer possible.   I don't like the idea of having to download a new program every time I step off a train in a new city. Also consider that these...
Exactly! This guy flies to China, talks to a few people inhis hotel lobby, and is suddenly an expert on the Chinese market.
I want to know why my iPhone syncing used to finish within a minute or two, but now sits on "Waiting for items to copy" for up to an hour, even when there shouldn't be much to sync. 持夢
All Apple employees in Cupertino need to leave their Ferraris at home for the next week and use the new iOS 6 Maps application to get to work by public transit.
  Yelp actually takes you to maps.google.com in the Safari browser, not the supplied Maps application.
  Suddenly not being able to get around town at all because the new Maps app doesn't even support walking directions, never mind transit directions, here is not "good enough". Should I just sit at home for the next year while Apple gets this right?
You can often get a feature phone for free. A friend pre-paid ¥199 (about US$32) for a year's worth of service (outgoing calls and outgoing SMS are extra) and was sent a phone for free.   Personally, I don't think the 3GS is a good introduction to the Apple experience. With modern software, it just runs too slowly, and might actually sour people to the Apple ecosystem.
New Posts  All Forums: