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Maybe it's time for HP to start reselling the iPad as they did the iPod back in 2004. A quote from that era:
I'm a firm believer in paying for what you use. But VZW's pricing makes no sense and has no tier for what is probably the more typical user. There needs to be something between $10 for 75MB and $30 for 2GB. For example, I typically use about 120 MB a month, with occasional peaks to 300 MB. I guess I could get the $10 plan, which would be $20 most months, but sometimes as much as $40! Here in China, I used to subscribe to China Unicom's US$14 for 300 MB plan, but...
What does this mean? Is it saying that iPhone owners are choosing Android for 38% of their new purchases and only 27% are buying an iPhone for their next phone? I find this hard to believe.
Most definitely. The value of the condo I live in has tripled in the past five years. This bubble has to burst sometime.
Exactly. Everyone I know who owns an Android phone bought it only because the iPhone was not available on their carrier.
I can never get my mom to plug her phone into her laptop to back it up. She's so used to just plugging in a phone to AC to recharge it, she can never be bothered to do any more than that. Likewise, I discovered that my sister had not synced her iPad in many many months and it was still running a very old OS, never mind the fact that nothing had been backed up. But like others, I'd bet these same people will not set up Wi-Fi on their iPhones or even set up iCloud,...
Yes. Really. The iPhone is very popular among the blind.
No way. I used to use the Xerox Star and it was nicer (and quite different) than the early Macs. For one thing, it had a nice big screen. Not that little 9" excuse for a monitor.
6'4" is about 193 cm.
Exactly. A friend of mine heard about how Samsung makes great TVs and bought one. But she bought Samsung's bottom-of-the-line model, and it _is_ complete crap. The backlighting is so uneven, for example. Apple avoids this by only making top-of-the-line products. You never have to worry about buying a crappy Apple product (except maybe the iBook, but thankfully that's way in the past).
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