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I _may_ go for this. If any news source can charge this amount for access, it's the NY Times. I'm now so used to the NYT app (buggy as it is) that I actually prefer it to reading a physical paper, with all its page- (and in the case of the NYT, section-) turning. To those who think that Yahoo is a trusted news source, you tell me how many reporters they employ. The problem is that I already pay $24 a month for my dead-tree LA Times subscription, and increasing my...
People seem to be under the delusion that removing an app from the task list closes the app. It does not. It just removes it from the list. To fully close an app, hold down the top button until it says "slide to power off" and then hold the Home button for 5 seconds.
Um, no. 15 tenths is $0.015 so AI's math is correct. It's their English that's f'ed up.
I'm staying with friends here in Japan, and just last night I hooked my Mac up to their TV and used Front Row to show them a bunch of pictures, then demoed the movie trailer and other functions and they were quite impressed that all this comes with every Mac. I've never gotten Boxee to work right. The audio slowly drifts out of sync with the video. And I loved using an Apple Remote to surreptitiously bring up Front Row on Macs at trade shows and suddenly have them...
In the U.S., all phones end up costing about the same, so people figure they might as well get the best. Places like here in China, the monthly service is dirt cheap and you pay the real price for the phone, so most people opt to save money and get an Android.
If I've chosen to use an ad-supported app, I'd prefer to see ads that are relevant to me. It's frustrating to be using the LA Times app and see constant ads beseeching me to order home delivery of the paper, although I live in Sichuan, China. They could be making better use of that space.
So they made off with $10,000 worth of merchandise. What, did they just take one well-equipped Mac Pro?
I should head over there and do some dumpster diving. Maybe I'll find some rejects (four bad pixels) in the trash.
I hope they will sell iTunes gift cards in stores so those without dual-currency credit cards (how many people have these? I sure don't) can make purchases. I'm sure there will be some non-free apps I'll want. The ability to buy music and rent movies would be nice too. I really don't like to pirate.
Airport Express. I have one in the living room attached to my sound system there, and one in the bedroom too. I'm even thinking of adding one in the bathroom for shower audio. See http://www.apple.com/airportexpress/
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