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All the US carriers continue to stick with unlimited plans, which seem quite unfair to those of us who don't use much voice and/or data. The plan I have in China is US$7 a month for 150 MB of data and 50 minutes of voice. This is all I need. Why am I paying AT&T close to $70? That GoPhone plan looks promising but there's no mention of data. My next iPhone will be purchased unlocked and I don't want to pay a monthly rate that includes a subsidy I haven't utilized. I...
Me too. Our company had so many problems with the performance and reliability of other access points (requiring multiple field visits) that we finally ripped them all out and replaced them with Apple's Airport Extremes. We've had zero problems ever since.
Agreed. I've been in many authorized resellers around the world that look just like an Apple Store. And in China (including Taiwan) there seems to be a store exclusively selling Apple products on every block. This story has been so blown out of proportion.
But no one uses China Telecom's mobile service. OK, OK, so they have 108 million subscribers (12% of the mobile market), but that's "no one" here.
Silly rabbit... Chinese don't _buy_ apps. They pirate them. But then Apple doesn't make it easy to buy. You have to have a US Dollar credit card, which very few people have.
Apple never releases new product after September so as not to disrupt holiday sales.
That's really too bad. Some of us have better than an Apple TV: a Mac Mini, and Front Row is a great tool. Programs like Boxee and Plex are still bug-ridden. I've also impressed many Windows-using friends by hooking my MacBook up to their TV and launching Front Row to quickly bring up movie trailers and other content.
Maybe it's time for HP to start reselling the iPad as they did the iPod back in 2004. A quote from that era:
I'm a firm believer in paying for what you use. But VZW's pricing makes no sense and has no tier for what is probably the more typical user. There needs to be something between $10 for 75MB and $30 for 2GB. For example, I typically use about 120 MB a month, with occasional peaks to 300 MB. I guess I could get the $10 plan, which would be $20 most months, but sometimes as much as $40! Here in China, I used to subscribe to China Unicom's US$14 for 300 MB plan, but...
What does this mean? Is it saying that iPhone owners are choosing Android for 38% of their new purchases and only 27% are buying an iPhone for their next phone? I find this hard to believe.
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