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Another very poorly written and edited article. For example, is the remote server now on line? That's not clear.
Oh, I doubt that. Only us home theater enthusiasts don't use their TV's built-in speakers.I have visited many people who have their TVs hooked up to an external sound system, but almost without fail the receiver is switched off and they are using the (increasingly inferior) internal speakers.
Decent-sounding speakers need depth. Looks like form wins out over function this time.
People in China think I'm rich because I have an iPhone. They are very surprised when I tell them that in the U.S. whether you get an iPhone or another smartphone, it's basically the same price. In most of the world, if you want an iPhone, you're going to be ponying up a lot more than for your genetic Android device. How many Americans would buy an iPhone for $700 if they could get a different phone for $200 or $300?
"has driven away potential customers and some of the 1.5 million existing subscribers" Where does AI find its writers? This makes no sense. If they are existing subscribers, then they obviously have not been driven away!
There needs to be an option to not load images. I like the way the mobile version of AI, by default, does not load images unless requested. The forums should do likewise, or at least make it an option. I hate burning through my precious mobile data for images I specifically chose not to load when reading the article, once I move over to the comments.
  Just install the TuneIn Radio app. Problem solved.
That can't be right. I can't believe that customers will not be able to make in-app purchases for eight days.
Where is this mobile toggle exactly? I can't find it anywhere.
I hope all these recent changes mean better software quality. I have been disappointed in the increasing number of bugs in Apple software. iPhoto '11, for example, has been a non-stop disaster, and recent iTunes versions often take 30 minutes to sync my phone where it used to take less than three. I think they have been more interested in adding features than in making sure it all works. The decision to delay iTunes 11 is a good sign, as is this increase in R&D...
New Posts  All Forums: