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How about some bug fixes for the Mac OS version of iPhoto? It is the one Apple program that I am constantly cursing at. It has so many bugs and usability problems, I can't believe Apple has let this current version be so bad for so long.
Finally! And of course just a few weeks after I went out and bought a new unlocked iPhone 4S the day before I was leaving the country for many months. Still, who wants to wait two years for an unlock! Verizon Wireless will unlock (for international use) for any customer with an account in good standing for 60 days.
120,000 people. Has any factory in the U.S. ever had anywhere near that number of employees? Even back in the days of the big steel mills and such? Can you even imagine a U.S. company trying to hire 120,000 people for a new plant? For an excellent look at the people who work in these plants, read "Factory Girls" by Leslie T. Chang.
Exactly! There are TONS of people who just don't want to leave DoCoMo, and they are dying for the iPhone.
The ¥286 plan includes 950 MB of data, 900 domestic minutes, 40 M messages, and 50 T messages. Incoming voice and messages are free.Details on all the plans at http://shop.10010.com/packagenumber/...geSeq=99005044.
It's always such a paradox that Japan is king of high tech, and yet its business practices are so behind the times. This is nothing new. As late as 1989, it was rare to see even a single PC in an office in Tokyo, with everything still being done by hand.
And all long lines in the U.S. result in a gunfight! :-)
Not to mention that the Nano has no network connectivity.
Exactly! For all the criticism of China's "one-child policy", without it China might look more like India. And while China has brought 625 million people out of poverty, the great majority of Indians are still dirt poor. With apologies to George W. Bush (nah, just kidding!), Democracy isn't always the best solution.
I notice that Apple is now selling the old models unlocked in the U.S. I don't recall them selling the 3GS unlocked in the past (though maybe I just never looked). The 3GS is going for US$375 and the 4 is $549. Both come with just 8 GB.
New Posts  All Forums: