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That's his sister Brita.
I have 29,000 photos in iPhoto, most of which I've manually geotagged. I use this all the time to find pictures taken at a specific location. I can't believe they would remove this feature.
Did Photos add the ability to manually geotag photos (as iPhoto did)?
How 'bout a wireless keyboard with built-in trackpad? That's what I really want.
In Asia I have seen cases where the cash registers in each mall store were operated by employees of the mall owner, to prevent any funny business. In the U.S., one owner of a mall fast food business told me she pays only a percentage of sales; no base rent. She likes this as it means that when sales are slow, her rent is lower.
The magazine referenced here is at http://www.macuser.co.uk
Uhh, except that there aren't any Apple Stores on Taiwan.
Yup. And if anything interrupts it, it will not restart without closing out the page and reloading. In previous releases, it would just pick up where it left off. One of many many bugs I have to deal with on a daily basis.
I think they should be spending time fixing bugs related to their current products before adding features for some future gizmo. iOS 8 is still buggy as hell.
 Almost all made-in-China consumer electronics are cheaper in the USA. I'll have visiting friends bring me new cameras, phones, etc. rather than buy locally in Chengdu. Makes for a very circuitous route for these items.
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