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Apple will confirm or deny all this on Sep. 9th? Funny, I can't recall Apple ever using their events to deny rumors.
 I agree. It seems to have gotten worse lately. Specifically, if I ask it a question about any famous figure, Siri tells me she can't find him/her in my contacts list. Also, any foreign sounding word seems to be a lose for Siri. I then try it on Google, and get much better question comprehension, though often inaccurate results.
No AirPlay? Useless.
The new larger screen iPhones should knock the wind out of Galaxy S sails. Almost everyone I know who bought a Galaxy S would have preferred an iPhone but wanted the larger screen. People who buy Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Mini, and other such cheaper Samsung lines are those who don't want to spend much money and wouldn't have bought any iPhone.
They already don't allow the 2.x versions to do video. So I use the newer version only when I need video. Otherwise I stick to the 2.7 client because it takes up much less screen real estate.
If Amazon's Prime music streaming is like their Prime video streaming, it will not include any song released in the past three years, or any song that ever charted.
Played with a Xiaomi phone the other day. Not bad. Much nicer than the Samsung Galaxy Grand I had to help a friend with. That thing was wretched.
If Apple really cared about the Japanese market, they would have kept a smaller iMac available, as even the 21-incher is way too big for most Japanese desks.People I know at Apple Japan have been complaining for years/decades that Cupertino never listens to them.
Once they come out with a larger screen they will reclaim the many people who defected for that reason alone. In the developing world, I saw very few iPhones in India, but here in Thailand the 4S is still the hot commodity in the stores. Many accessories stalls only carry iPhone cases.
Apple is about the _customer_ experience, not the shareholder experience. If you're not OK with that, maybe you shouldn't be in this stock.
New Posts  All Forums: