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It _is_ very easy. Just roll back the Mail.app code to 10.8.I've become increasingly frustrated with all the bugs in iOS, OS X, and Apple's first-party apps. Before they go off with the next grand idea, they need to fix what's already released.I must admit I feel the same about Google. Instead of self-driving cars, how 'bout improving the apps we all use every day!
 I realize it isn't happening to everyone, but the fact that this Apple Discussion, https://discussions.apple.com/message/23029822 , has over 90,000 views (and there are others), tells me I'm not alone. Apple has one KB article telling you to just not sync so much stuff. Excuse me? They sold me a 64 GB iPhone. I would like to use it. I have not been able to sync music or photos for the past several months (plus it has removed songs I already had on the device!). Doing a...
Before Apple adds yet more new features, can they please get the basics working, like syncing?
To unlock your car doors: Home Button 》Controls 》Portals 》Doors 》Lock/Unlock 》All Doors 》Unlock 》Now 》"Are you sure? This action will allow anyone access to the interior of your vehicle, compromising your safety." 》Confirm
No one gets fired in Japan. Especially at a (semi-former) government-owned corporation.
 It doesn't run on my 2007年 MacBook .
I really don't understand why one would use Sonos' overpriced equipment instead of just hooking up an Airport Express to a decent sound system or powered speaker. I have three AEs around my pad, and it all works great, plus it sounds great too because I hook it up to decent sounding gear.
Burst Mode also works on my 4S, though it may not produce quite as many photos per second.
Looking at the spec sheet, the Gradiente is clearly the superior product!
Does this mean half my dictation attempts will no longer time out?
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