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Events and Faces in the Photos app are still in random order :-(. Unfortunately, the search function will not let you search for either of these, so it is next to impossible for me to find anything.
Really? Spam? I kind of doubt it, unless everyone was buying penny stocks, loan refinances, and tummy tuck devices. My two Cyber Monday purchases were both driven by email marketing, but neither one was "spam".
Beacause I don't relish the thought of shelling out over $900 (unlocked iPhone 6, 128 GB, $850 + 8% tax) any sooner than I have to. Even if I got one subsidized, it would still be about $500. This isn't pocket change.
I really wish I had not updated my 4S to iOS 8. It is now horribly slow, and key functionality is severely degraded. Is there any way to go back?
 It's not just "devices" that use NFC. I've been paying by NFC at McDonald's for years just using my NFC-equipped VISA card.
The U.S. Is (fashionably?) late to many soirées.
It's not clear if you have to pay for WiFi to use this, or if it's free for all passengers.
I don't think I've ever seen an NFC credit card terminal in China, so they have a long way to go.
If you use a MC- or VISA-branded debit card, is it processed as a debit or a credit transaction? Is there any way to select this?
No one has talked about its use as an HTPC (Home Theater PC). Is the new entry-level model sufficient for that do you (all) think?
New Posts  All Forums: