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One major point of this article is that because Google makes no money on Android, we shouldn't expect much innovation out of them. However, in comparison to the other companies mentioned, Google has enough revenue from other sources that they could continue to lose money on Android forever while still innovating.   Of course, how long they'll keep doing this is another question. We have recently gotten quite used to Google pulling the plug on projects which don't...
Just take it on down to the Google Store in your local mall. The Google Gurus will take care of you.
I think you'd get much better results setting Siri's language to "English (Australia)"---Dictated with Siri.
  And why do people go to McDonald's when there's an In-N-Out across the street? Stupidity and the power of marketing.
  Better than them reading their talks from a script.
Hello, proofreaders! Where are you??? Not to mention overly sensationalist sub-headings.
I hope prices are adjusted accordingly so that it doesn't cost the current $160 if all you need is a new Home button.
As long as there is still a keyhole, it can be (easily) picked. I want a lock that can't be picked, but I also don't want to be locked out of my home when the battery dies or a capacitor blows. When I was in Korea, I noticed that almost all apartment locks are digital only.
And Tata sells a $1000 car in India. Does that mean all other auto manufacturers should be worried and need to lower their prices to match?
  Because you can't divide by zero.
New Posts  All Forums: