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 It doesn't run on my 2007年 MacBook .
I really don't understand why one would use Sonos' overpriced equipment instead of just hooking up an Airport Express to a decent sound system or powered speaker. I have three AEs around my pad, and it all works great, plus it sounds great too because I hook it up to decent sounding gear.
Burst Mode also works on my 4S, though it may not produce quite as many photos per second.
Looking at the spec sheet, the Gradiente is clearly the superior product!
Does this mean half my dictation attempts will no longer time out?
Blackberry "cleaning up in the consumer market". Wasn't true even in 2009年.
For all those saying that the price of the 5C is still too high for China, do keep in mind how cheap monthly service is here compared to the U.S. I pay only about US$8 for my plan on China Unicom, which includes 240 SMS, 300 MB of data, and 50 minutes of voice. As in most countries, you are not charged for incoming SMS or voice. This means two years of service runs about US$200 instead of US$2000. A significant difference.
Umm, 4000 RMB is US$650, not $486.
It has everything I need too……except for actually getting me to my destination.
I wish Apple would stop wasting time on Flyover and just fix all the serious problems with Maps (not to mention the problems with iPhoto).
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