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  Because you can't divide by zero.
Unfortunately, on the client side, Apple's Maps is still lacking. The other day, a friend I was chatting with on WeChat sent me her current location (this is a built-in function) and by default it shows using Apple's Maps, with an option to also display it in Google Maps. Can you guess which is which :-) ?    
Everyone I know uses WeChat.
My sister told me yesterday that she's giving up her iPhone for a Note2. She wants the big screen. This seems to be a trend among my friends. Apple cannot ignore this demand for long.
Don't be silly! Americans don't eat the local food when traveling abroad.
AI's copy editing and fact checking are what's missing. All the time, unfortunately.
I used to always buy all of my underwear at JCPenney. However, after his changes the price was more than it used to be under their "sales", which in fact were going on 98% of the time. Then they went ahead and discontinued all of the store brand styles that I used to buy, replacing them with Fruit of the Loom. If I want to buy Fruit of the Loom, I can just buy it online and find the cheapest price. I don't need to go to JCPenney. So, Ron Johnson has lost my purchases and...
My only problem with jailbreaking is that many (most?) people use it to pirate apps.
I prefer SoundHound (née Midomi). Much more respectable.
Case and point? Oh G-d!
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