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I prefer SoundHound (née Midomi). Much more respectable.
Case and point? Oh G-d!
I started wearing a watch again about a year ago after getting tired of fishing for my phone every time I wanted to know what time it was. I'd _love_ to have something from Apple on my wrist that tells me who's calling, sounds alarms, and provides news updates in addition to telling the time of day. The fact that it surely wouldn't work with Windows Phone would be another way of making the iOS platform more sticky.
Thanks AI for doing your journalistic duty and actually telling us what the problem is.
What if Rolls-Royce cars required their own special blend of gasoline? With that low number of sales, they would never be able to gas up their cars.That's the situation that the iPhone could end up in if it continues to lose market share.
Service costs are quite low in China, unless you insist on gigabytes. A voice/SMS + 300 MB plan runs me about US$8 per month on China Unicom.
This would seem to be a waste of time considering how many people cover their beautiful phone with a silly case.
  I think the problem is giving too much credence on Yelp data over others, and being too literal with the name.   I searched for Mira Mesa Bowl, a local bowling alley. Well, it seems the actual name is Mira Mesa Lanes, and Google figured that out, but not Apple:         Likewise, searching for our Hotel Lafayette locally in San Diego CA, Google found the Lafayette Hotel I was looking for, while Apple Maps took me to the Courtyard by Marriott in Lafayette, Indiana.
If the Chinese carriers didn't require a number change to move to 3G, they might get even more customers. I've lost track of a few friends because they switched to 3G while I was out of the country and missed their SMS with their new number.   For example, the numbers assigned by my carrier are as follows:   130-xxxx-xxxx China Unicom GSM 131-xxxx-xxxx China Unicom GSM 132-xxxx-xxxx China Unicom GSM 155-xxxx-xxxx China Unicom GSM  156-xxxx-xxxx China Unicom...
I'm getting really annoyed at all the bugs in Apple's products lately. It's definitely getting worse. I think they need to put new features on hold for a bit and concentrate on getting existing products working properly.
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