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All I'm saying is that ZFS for Mac OS X is like a late alpha/early beta. Of course, they have time till October now.
Robosoft? Big Nerd Ranch? 6+3 months? $80000? Something doesn't connect. I can't say anything about MPEG1 (you could always try another stream format unless it comes from uber-expensive obsolete hardware), but what you describe is a joke for Quartz. Have you played with Quartz Composer?
I did not say ZFS is untested because it's not bootable. I said that last time I checked, ZFS on Mac OS X is barely usable, so it just cannot be tested enough, period. To be honest, I didn't bother to try ACLs on ZFS for Mac OS X, it's quite possible that Apple is ahead of FreeBSD there, but ACLs don't matter much until Apple gets everything else (like mount/unmount/etc.) done.Xserves? Yeah, if you back up the data first.Yes, it is, and I want to start using it too....
I'm afraid this effectively puts ZFS out of the question for now. Since Time Machine is currently implemented on top of HFS+, there is really no point in betting the whole OS on ZFS other than bragging rights among crazed geeks. We'll have to wait until ZFS support in Mac OS X is complete and tested. Nobody is going to offer users a buggy file system - it's not the type of component which only leaves crash reports on your disk.
There is already such an amount of frenzy surrounding the iPhone that Sony has never dreamt of: http://gizmodo.ru/2007/03/02/iphone_..._nerazluchny_/ Sorry, the page is in Russian, but you get the idea. Don't ask me where to buy those items.
Lucky bastard!
The files which accompany the CoreUI framework pretty much confirm that. At least some keys in XML files inside it directly correspond to the patent listings. There's also Aqua.bundle in there which contains a lot of standard icons (mainly button icons) in PDF. It looks like Aqua-style widgets (e.g. a push button shape) are indeed rendered on the fly and vector images (e.g. a plus sign for "Add") are composited on top of them. The framework is private and, I'm sure, will...
Sorry, it doesn't. Just think about it: you are saying that hardware (iMac) will rely on software (Leopard technology). If anything, it is software that relies on certain hardware, not the other way round. Oh, and what do you mean when you say the iPhone uses Leopard?
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