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I'm wondering when we're going to hear about the new versions of Final Cut X and Aperture applications that were mentioned by Phil during the Mac Pro announcement. Am I the only one who heard him say that and wondered about them?
The reason Samsung's rumored watch is ugly, clunky, and poorly configured is simple. They didn't wait until Apple came out with their watch and copy it. Of course, just like Samsung did with their phones, when Apple does come out with their watch, Samsung will "update" and improve their watch. Monkey see, monkey do.
For some reason, the media love to overhype this silly project like they did with the Segway (which was going to change the world). Not sure why the public would ever be interested in Google Glass. We all love to be connected, but the glasses take it to the realm of stupidity. And, people wearing them look so geeky. I would be embarrassed to hang with anyone wearing one.
I think the fountain will look better with less stairway surrounding it. The closeup photos of the fountain are interesting, the long view much less so.
Other than the art of the existing fountain, which could be moved, I don't understand any of the outcry against the Apple Store design. For those who you who think the new Apple store is ugly, you might want to use Google's Street View and look around the square. It's not like the square is an old established European square with any real character. While a big glass Apple Store may not be overly architecturally interesting, its clean lines and modern appearance is far...
>The president of NTT DoCoMo, Katoru Kat%u014D, said his company would be willing to add the iPhone to its existing lineup if the telecom can reach a mutually beneficial arrangement with Apple, reports the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (via Brightwire). I'm sure this has Apple quaking in its boots and willing to cut NTT a really good deal to get their business.:-) Not! >The statistics come one month after NTT DoCoMo announced its biggest ever net loss of subscribers in November,...
Typical Bloomberg. Don't blame the criminals, blame the victims.
What a great use of technology! As a former resident of NYC, I can see how useful that information would be. Leaving work, restaurant, etc. you have a number of modes of transportation available to you: cab, bus, subway. Just a second to see if you just missed a train or it's on the way. Great!
Nice. Nobody seems to care about the authors/small publishers who are creating a lot of the eBooks sold. So, all book distributors can now sell my eBooks for whatever they like and I'll get 30% of whatever that is. What would be fair would be for us to go back to the model where we sold our books to a distributor (Amazon/Apple/Barnes & Nobel) for the price we set, and THEN they can sell them (or give them away) for whatever they like. Why should I be a forced partner to...
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