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    Ugh. Who writes/edits this stuff?
The sale of retail cd's and dvd's is going to continue to decline and as that happens it will only highlight the cavernous space that Best Buys contain. Best Buy would be better off shrinking their store size and focusing on having everything on display work than adding a huge customer service bar. I mean really, who doesn't buy at Best Buy because they can't get their questions answered?   Why people buy at Best Buy?   Price Convenience Availability   If...
Apple doesn't need a Surface, Microsoft needs an iPad.:-)
And, in other news, the government is considering retrying Roger Clemens...   Frankly, I hope the government loses this one as it has many in the recent past. We sell books through Amazon and Apple, and Amazon has so many charges and rates that we never know what we're going to end up with. Basically, they do as they please. We have found Apple's rate is very easy to understand and fair.
  Actually, the way most class actions seem to work, if that were to happen, the attorneys would get $9.9999 billion and the users would get checks for cents on the dollar. Just saying...:-)
How many iPads has Apple sold so far? Let's say 75 million. At $70,000 per day, it's an average of .00093 per iPad per day. Interesting.
I tell my kids all the time, that life isn't fair. So, while it may not seem "fair" to you for Apple to move their legally earned money to the U.S. without paying taxes, the fact is that having the money in the U.S. would be beneficial to the economy. They would spend it, they would save it, they would do something with it that would generate employment and taxes. And, since there is nothing to prevent them from leaving it right where it is, I'd rather they were able to...
It would be helpful if you would provide a link to the product mentioned in the story... www.paypal.com/here
Is no one going to comment on Johnson's new JC Penny campaign? Seriously, while the Apple Stores are genius, I don't see his new JC Penny campaign making any difference in that market. With Apple you have unique, amazing products. With JC Penny you have clothes you can get anywhere. I'm amazed he bailed out of Apple to go work for JC Penny.
I'd sure love to be able to delete files in the open dialog box. Sometimes when I'm looking to open a file, I come across a file that I'd like to delete and I then have to get out of the open dialog box, remember it, find it, and delete it. Seems like a lot of unnecessary steps...
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