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Maybe it's me, but the page 2 of the article link doesn't seem to work.
If it were as easy as having your iPhone turned on to crash a commercial airplane, terrorists would simply board flights and turn their phones on.To think that an iPhone or computer is going to affect a jet airliner, in any meaningful way, is ridiculous.What's amazing to me is that the iPhone survived the crash and kept working. I'm guessing it was inside some waterproof packaging. My iPhone wouldn't survive a spilt glass of water near it.:-)
From Apple's website description of the App Store: "You can install apps on every Mac you use and even download them again. This is especially convenient when you buy a new Mac and want to load it with apps you already own." So, if you have several Macs in the family, you can pay for it once and use it on all your machines. Much better than the old licensing of one computer or buy a family pack if you want several licenses.
First of all it's only $30 (and that's for the entire family of Macs you may have)! (How many major operating system upgrades/updates are priced that affordably?) Secondly it's packed with a ton of great upgrades (mail, calendar, address book, etc.) and goodies. But, to me, this is worth the $30 alone... "Apps developed with Auto Save can automatically save changes to your document as you work, freeing you from manual saving and from the worry that you’ll lose your...
I think most posters aren't factoring in the concept of quantity discounts. In most businesses I know, the more you order, the less an item costs. Since the iPad II is selling like hotcakes, Apple is going back to their vendors and asking for price decreases based on their increased purchases. This doesn't seem unusual to me.
The only way that area at Grand Central would turn into dead space would be for Microsoft to lease it for one of their "stores."
I don't get it. If the patent is close to 20 years old now, it has expired. Patents are currently valid for 20 years, but if issued before 1995 they are only valid for 17 years... “Utility and plant patents issued prior to June 8, 1995 expire 17 years from the date of issue with the payment of maintenance fees. …Patents are not renewable. Under special circumstances, a patent term may be extended.” Does a patent last forever? (Georgia Tech Library and Information Center,...
The article mentioned that eBay bought Skype for $2.6 billion. What did they sell it for?
I am also curious about how the Microsoft store(s) are doing and think it deserves a comment in the story since Microsoft's goal was to copy Apple's success (nothing new there). How many are there now? What kind of traffic do they receive? What products do they sell (a particular brand of pc).? Do they have a genius bars? And, finally, if so, how good are they at supporting the mishmash of software/hardware configurations?
With the price of Final Cut Studio at $1,000, I suspect that a lot of people would purchase the program if it were $1,000 cheaper.:-)
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